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Irish marriage records: Uncover your ancestors’ nuptials

Niall Cullen, Findmypast

Marriage records are the cornerstones for building any family tree. Not only do they provide a glimpse into one of the most important events in your ancestors’ lives but they can tell you a great deal about them too like their age, residence and fathers’ names.

In Ireland, civil registration began in 1845. Before this, marriage records would only have been kept by local parish churches. Even in 1845, it was only non-Catholic marriages that were registered. Legal registration was fully introduced for all religions in 1864.

Wedding in Ireland

These civil registers are held by Ireland’s General Register Office but you can search their indexes, up to 1958, on Findmypast. The powerful Marriage Finder™ tool will help you find what you’re looking for, even if you’re unsure of some of the spouses’ details. Once you’ve found your ancestors marriage on Findmypast, you can order a copy of the certificate from The GRO in Dublin online or in person.

Findmypast also provides other collections for you to trace your Irish ancestors’ marriage records, even if they are not included in the civil registration indexes. These include:

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Farrar’s Index of Irish Marriages 1771-1812
Irish Marriage Notices in American Newspapers 1835-1860
Ireland Marriages, 1619-1898

Marriage certificates represents the union of two sides of your family tree – a poignant memorial of what made you what you are today.

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