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Famous Irish wits

George Bernard Shaw Irish writer

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Brigid's Cross copyright Ireland Calling

Brigid's Cross - Has come to be known as the cross of St Brigid but is actually much older than Christianity.

    Celtic Cross copyright Ireland Calling

Celtic Cross - Symbol of both culture and faith that has inspired many legends.

    Claddagh Ring copyright Ireland Calling

Claddagh Ring - Symbolises love, loyalty and friendship.

    Shamrock copyright Ireland Calling

Shamrock - National flower of Ireland.

Colin Farrell copyright Tabercil cc2


Several Irish actors have headed to America and conquered Hollywood.

Photo copyright - Ericci8996CC3


Ireland is scattered with castles, many dating back more than 1,000 years. All are steeped in tradition and have a wealth of stories to tell.

Irish names - copyright Ireland Calling

Irish Surnames

Some Irish names are thousands of years old. We tell the stories behind some of the most popular surnames in Ireland.

Tristan and Isolde from old Irish story


From love stories to epic tales, from fairy stories to harsh realism…Ireland has a rich heritage of storytelling.


Ireland has produced a host of great scientists who’ve made a major contribution in areas such as medicine, industry and technology.



We provide a platform for talented poets and writers to publish their work to a worldwide audience.



Find out more about Irish singers


Read about Ireland’s top bands


Discover more about Ireland’s traditional songs

Irish humour

I don't see teenagers anymore. I see... I see youths. Slumped S shapes in their hoodies, all huddled round a bin of burning grannies. All texting each other because they've given up on speech. Dylan Moran


Who are the most decent people in the hospital? The ultrasound people. - David O'Doherty

Ardal O'Hanlon, live on BBC


Celtic mythology


The Cycle of Kings took place between the 3rd century BC and the 11th century AD and features some fantastic stories about the Irish kings, some real and some mythological. More on the Cycle of Kings


The Fenian Cycle is a collection of stories that relate to the ancient Irish warriors, the Fenians. They were elite warriors from various clans, brought together by the High King of Ireland. More on the Fenian Cycle


The Mythological Cycle is a series of stories about the ancient Irish Gods. They date back thousands of years to the pagan times. More on the Mythological Cycle


Key characters from Irish history

Bridget Dirrane - Republican who knew Padraig Pearse and lived for more than 100 years.

Douglas Hyde - the first Irish President and founder of the Gaelic League.

Peadar Kearney - wrote the lyrics to The Soldier's Song (Irish National anthem).

James Larkin - trade unionist who coined the phrase 'A fair day's work for a fair day's pay'.

William Smith O’Brien - one of the leading lights of Irish nationalism in the 19th century.

Grace O’Malley – Irish Pirate Queen, who was a thorn in the side of Queen Elizabeth for 40 years.


Holiday attractions

Cork, Ireland - photo Tourism Ireland

Cities like Dublin, Belfast, Cork and Galway are vibrant, cosmopolitan centres that are excellent for weekend breaks. They’re all plenty big enough to provide everything you want but not so big as to be overwhelming.

Belfast - Capital of Northern Ireland. A vibrant city with a fascinating history.

Cork - The 2005 European Capital of Culture. Cork is full of places to visit including the famous Blarney Stone.

Dublin – One of the finest cities in Europe...steeped in history and culture yet bustling with life and excitement.

Galway - Bustling city on the West Coast of Ireland. Galway is surrounded by beauty spots with stunning views.

Waterford - The oldest city in Ireland. Waterford is a vibrant city founded by the Vikings in 914 AD.


Irish writers

Maeve Binchy

Ireland's most recognisable and best-loved writer of her generation.

Patrick Kavanagh

Raglan Road fame...the self-educated farm labourer who became one of Ireland’s greatest poets.

Irish writer George Bernard Shaw

George Bernard Shaw

The man behind My Fair lady and one of the most quoted writers of all time.

Jonathan Swift

Author of Gulliver's travels and one of Ireland's greatest ever writers.

Seamus Heaney

A Nobel prize winner and widely regarded as one of Ireland’s greatest ever poets.

WB Yeats

W B Yeats

Ireland’s greatest poet and its first winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature.

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