YouTuber gives parents cheque to pay off mortgage

A High School drop-out who made his fortune on YouTube has given his parents the surprise of their lives, by presenting them with a cheque to pay off the mortgage on their house.

YouTuber gives parents cheque to pay off mortgage
Timothy DeLaGhetto (real name Tim Chantarangsu) is a rapper and comedian who has shrewdly harnessed the power of the internet over the past few years. He uploads his videos to YouTube and has built up a following of more than two million subscribers to his channel.
DeLaGhetto’s latest post is a warming family video, with him telling his parents that he has finally made enough money to pay for their house so that they don’t have to work so hard anymore.
Timothy describes how his parents (who emigrated to America from Thailand before he was born) always believed in him, and he promised that one day he would earn enough money to pay off their mortgage.
Timothy dropped out of school early and accepted that he was never going to become a lawyer or a doctor. Instead he focused his energy on his YouTube channel.
His success has earned him enough money to keep his promise to his parents, and also a job with international music giant, MTV.
Timothy’s mother is reduced to tears after being overwhelmed by her son’s kindness. He gives them both a hug and his father tells him: “I knew you could do it!”
The video ends with Timothy sat with his dad, who is wearing a DeLaGhetto branded T-shirt throughout the video. Timothy claims that he is the best son ever. His dad replies that he is the best son ever, with or without the money.
Timothy’s mum then cheekily says she and her husband are off to make another son, so they can get more money in a few years’ time.
Enjoy the video below.