Priest accidentally turn filters on during digital broadcast of mass

Priest accidentally uses filter for social media broadcast

A priest has caused some unintended amusement with his parishioners after he livestreamed a mass but had accidentally turned on the filters on his social media recording.

That meant that the priest was delivering his service with all sorts of digital accessories appearing on the broadcast such as funky sunglasses and a bowler hat.

Filters are a feature available on social media websites, that add images of clothing to a person’s video. They can also make items onscreen shimmer and shine to make them more eye-catching, and add things like snowfall or confetti and glitter to a scene.

Priest accidentally uses filter for social media broadcast

They are a fun way of brightening an otherwise basic picture or video.

Not necessarily suitable for a priest to use while saying mass.

The comical video sees the priest delivering his service to the camera with snowflakes falling inside the church.

A space helmet then appears on his head followed by two dumbbell weights being digitally lifted in front of his chest.

Other filters that appear in the short video include confetti falling and a yellow head band wrapped round the priest’s forehead.

The broadcast ends with the priest speaking into the camera wearing a pair of dark sunglasses and a bowler hat.

However, the digital blunder has been well received online with everybody seeing the funny side and praising the unnamed priest for his efforts.

The video has been shared across social media and plenty have been quick to offer some kind words to the technically-confused cleric.

One comment said: “I love this so much. I’m not a churchgoer, but I appreciate the effort they’re making for their congregation, despite the fact that they might be technically challenged.”

Another said: “Technical difficulties won’t stop him. He’s on a mission from God.”

One person was so amused that he and his wife nearly laughed themselves silly, he wrote: “I woke up my wife to watch this, she has had to blow her nose twice from laughing so hard… My throat hurts so much. I can’t go into our bedroom, I am still giggling and am afraid to wake up our 5 week old son.”

Another person commented: “Laughter is the best medicine. Omg. So funny!!” while elsewhere someone asked: “Lord, forgive me for laughing.”

Take a look at the video below.

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