Pope calls on people to turn their backs on ‘god of money’

Pope calls on people to turn their backs on ‘god of money’

Pope Francis has encouraged the public to turn its back “the god of money” and focus on serving those less fortunate.

The Pope was speaking at St Peter’s Basilica to mark the Feast of the Epiphany which signals the official end to the Christmas celebrations.

Pope calls on people to turn their backs on ‘god of money’

The Epiphany recognises the journey made by the three wise men to bring gifts to the newborn baby Jesus.

Pope Francis made the call to the public to not focus on materialistic wealth and instead work to help others.

The Pope’s words were reflected by a hotel in Milan that served a free lunch to 200 homeless people living in the city.

The modern world is packed with technology and gadgets and for many activities such as online gaming, internet browsing and using smartphone apps are everyday activities.

However, Pope Francis encouraged his followers to rid themselves of “useless things and addictions” which he believes can numb hearts and confuse minds.

Instead, the Pope said people should focus on helping those less fortunate, living on the margins of society, saying that Jesus is present in them.

Pope Francis summarised that “faith is not simply a set of fine doctrines,” but a call to love God.

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