Incredible video as cat saves boy from savage dog

A pet cat in California bravely saved her four-year-old owner after he was viciously attacked by a neighbour’s dog.

The incredible incident was recorded on the family’s security cameras, and is now available as a YouTube video.
Jeremy Triantafilo was riding his bicycle on the front driveway of the family home, when the dog brutally attacked him.
Incredible video as cat saves boy from savage dog
Jeremy was bitten on the leg and knocked to the floor and could have been fatally injured had the attack continued.
However, incredibly, the family’s pet cat Tara immediately charged at the vicious dog and chased it away, allowing Jeremy’s parents to help him inside to safety.
Watch the video below, although be warned, it contains content some people may find upsetting.

Well done to Tara the cat! In attacks such as this, when a dog attacks a young child, lethal damage can be inflicted in a matter of seconds. Tara may very well have saved Jeremy’s life.
Thankfully, Jeremy is making a full recovery according to the Triantafilo family, and the dog is to be put down.