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Bullies named and shamed in front of whole school

A group of bullies that forced their victim to kneel in the mud and drink filthy puddle water have finally had their comeuppance. The incident took place in the town of Korkino in Russia. Olga Guseva, 16, Lyubov Goloborodko, 14, Sasha Rattsova, 15 and Ekatirina Streltsova, 15 began picking on …

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Kid woos pretty girl with smooth baseball switch

A young baseball fan has become an overnight star as his smooth moves to impress a pretty girl were posted on YouTube. The young man was in the crowd watching a Major League Baseball clash between the Toronto Blue Jays and the Texas Rangers when he was thrown the ball …

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Incredible video as cat saves boy from savage dog

A pet cat in California bravely saved her four-year-old owner after he was viciously attacked by a neighbour’s dog. The incredible incident was recorded on the family’s security cameras, and is now available as a YouTube video. Jeremy Triantafilo was riding his bicycle on the front driveway of the family …

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