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What a beauty! World’s first luxury yacht for women

How about this for your next girly getaway then ladies? An 80m super-yacht fitted out with extravagant interiors and lavish luxuries, and all designed for the tastes of women. Well Monaco-based designer Lidia Bersani has created exactly that – La Belle, a luxury boat designed with female interests in mind.

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Lunar eclipse 8 October 2014

There will be a lunar eclipse on 8 October, 2014. A lunar eclipse happens when the Moon passes directly behind the Earth – this only happens when the Sun, Earth, and Moon are exactly aligned with the Earth in the middle. It can only happen when there is a full …

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YouTuber gives parents cheque to pay off mortgage

A High School drop-out who made his fortune on YouTube has given his parents the surprise of their lives, by presenting them with a cheque to pay off the mortgage on their house. Timothy DeLaGhetto (real name Tim Chantarangsu) is a rapper and comedian who has shrewdly harnessed the power …

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