Irish girl reviews the most famous Irish pubs in New York

Irish girl reviews the most famous Irish pubs in New York

YouTuber Diane ‘Irish Girl’ Jennings has created a video in which she checks out the Irish bars in New York.

She and her companion set out clear categories on which they will be ranking each Irish pub.

Irish girl reviews the most famous Irish pubs in New York

They begin their journey in McSorley’s Old Ale House, which Diane describes as the New York Irish pub that had been most plugged by her followers.

However, it did not get off to a great start when Diane revealed that she couldn’t have a pint of Guinness because they don’t serve Guinness.

Undeterred, Diane settled to enjoy her drink of glass of ‘dark ale’. She observed there was some good banter on show in the bar, and there were plenty of pictures on the wall.

On the other hand, there was no music being played, or any live sports on the television.

Diane and her friend sat and enjoyed their drinks, before summarising the overall quality of McSorley’s and rating it on its ‘Irishness’.

Next up for Diane was a visit to Connolly’s Irish Pub and Restaurant. Inside, she found that this Irish pub does serve Guinness, and Diane was impressed with the bartender’s pouring technique.

She was also pleased to find an Irishman working in the pub, and several ‘old men’ sat at the bar. As well as that, the menu was satisfactorily packed with ‘Irish-sounding’ meals.

O’Leary’s Times Square Pub was the next stop on Diane’s pub crawl. However, despite the Irish name, shamrock decorations and Irish music playing, Diane was not convinced that the place felt ‘Irish’.

After spending a short time in the pub though, Diane was won over thanks to the comprehensive menu and the great craic with the barman.

Diane ends her stint in O’Leary’s by admiring the expertly poured Guinness and despite admitting to not actually liking the famous drink, she gets it down her.

Finally, Diane summarises her experiences in the different Irish pubs she has visited in New York and points out the strengths and weaknesses of each one.

Good information for your next trip to New York. Check out the video for yourselves below.

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