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Man wears a dress to work after being told he couldn’t wear shorts

A man who was sent home from work because he was wearing shorts ultimately had the last laugh when his boss was forced to overturn the rule.

The recent heatwave was too much for Joey Bardge and he felt it would be reasonable to wear shorts to work while it was so hot.

However, his employer saw things differently and felt that Joey was dressed far too casually for work and sent him home.

A man went to work in a dress after being sent home for wearing shorts

Bardge noticed a possible double standard as his female colleagues were able to wear a skirt or dress that was more comfortable in the sweltering heat. He thought that perhaps he should wear a dress if he wasn’t allowed wear shorts.

He got changed into a pink and black t-shirt dress and returned to work.

He later received a memo saying that due to the hot weather the gentlemen in the office would be permitted to wear ¾ length shorts – but only in sombre colours.

This was good enough for Bardge who described it as a ‘partial win’.

He documented the interesting timeline of events on his Twitter page and it certainly makes for amusing viewing.

Take a look.

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