Jaws chomps on boat as passengers film it on mobile phones

A group of fishermen had their boat attacked by a huge Great White Shark, and stayed cool enough to record the incident on their mobile phones.

Shark chomps boat filmed by mobile phones
Steve Clark was sailing off the coast of the South Jersey shore with his friends enjoying an afternoon of fishing.
Out of nowhere, a massive Great White appeared and began chomping on their bag of chum (dog food – used for bait) that was floating alongside the boat.
Rather than panic and try to get the boat away from the giant beast, the passengers simply got out their phones and leant out to get some great footage of the attack. The voices of the group can be heard on the video and they don’t sound afraid at all. In fact, they are moaning that the shark had taken their bag of chum.
The shark turned its attention to the boat’s engine once it had finished with the bag of chum.
Clark said the crew, which included several children, weren’t scared because they are used to seeing large sharks in the area. He revealed: “Obviously, I was a little bit stunned. I didn’t say anything to anybody, I was looking at it, trying to process the information, because it was quite a big fish.”
“The boat’s 10ft wide. It was sticking way out of both sides of the boat. The kids were on each side looking at the shark.”
Clark and his crew decided to abandon their fishing trip and return to shore after the shark started chomping on the boat’s motor. Fortunately, that was all it got its teeth into and all the passengers returned to dry land unharmed.
Watch the video below.