Inspiring nine-year-old does homework in light from McDonalds

Inspiring nine-year-old does homework in light from McDonalds

A little boy from the Philippines has inspired millions of people around the world after a picture of him doing his homework on the streets under the light of a McDonald’s store was posted on the internet.

Nine-year-old Daniel Cabrera was snapped by a medical student, who posted the picture online with the caption: “I got inspired by a kid.”

Inspiring nine-year-old does homework in light from McDonalds

It shows Daniel kneeling in the streets working hard on his homework, using the glow from the McDonald’s store as it’s the best source of light he can find.

Daniel has a younger brother and lives with his mother at a food stand, where she also works. The family suffered financial difficulties after Daniel’s father passed away.

Joyce Gilos Torrefranca, the medical student who took the picture, said: “As a student, it gave me an inspiration to work harder. I’m fortunate my parents were able to send me to school. I seldom go to coffee shops to study, but this kid just hit me. You really don’t need much, you just have to be determined and focused on the things that you want to achieve.”

The picture has been viewed and shared thousands of times on Facebook, and people are universal in their praise and admiration for the youngster.

Philippines news website Rappler spoke to the manager of the McDonald’s store where Daniel was pictured.

He said that the staff of the restaurant know Daniel and his brother, and have told them to work hard in school. He said: “Daniel wants to get a toy. I told him that if he will be able to show us a paper with a star, we’ll give him and his brother toys.”

Daniel told reporters that he hopes to be either a doctor or a policeman when he grows up.