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Impressive kids set Guinness world record in skipping

A team of schoolchildren have set the Guinness World record for the highest number of skips over a single rope in one minute.

The youngsters displayed an incredible level of teamwork, speed, balance and agility and they collectively leapt over the skipping rope a massive 225 times in the 60 seconds time limit.

Impressive kids set Guinness world record in skipping

There were 14 kids taking part in the challenge, two were in charge of keeping the skipping rope swinging while the other 12 jumped through it one by one in a figure of eight shape.

The kids are from Fuji Municipal Harada Elementary School in Japan. They swiped the Guinness record from another Japanese school Hiromi Elementary, who achieved 217 skips in 2013.

Although skipping over a rope may sound like a simple task, trying to do it more than 200 times in a minute is not.

The kids showed fantastic organisation and efficiency as they circled around the rope in formation, with practically zero downtime when no one was jumping through the rope.

It must have taken hours of practice and dedication to get the timings just right in order to break the record.

It is hard to express exactly how impressive this display was just using words, just watch the video below and see for yourself.

Well done kids, Guinness World Record holders!

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