Elephants carry out dramatic rescue after baby falls into pool

Elephants carry out dramatic rescue after baby fell into pool

A pair of elephants have become online stars after they showed lightning fast reactions and teamwork to save the life of one of their babies who had fell into the water.
The incident took place at the edge of a watering hole in Grand Park Zoo in Seoul, South Korea.
Elephants carry out dramatic rescue after baby fell into pool
The young mother and her baby were stood at the edge of the water taking a drink when the youngster lost its balance and fell in.
It was immediately completely submerged and unable to gather its composure in the water to gets its mouth and trunk above the surface.
The 13-year-old mother elephant was visibly panicking and unsure of how she could save her baby from the deep water’s edge.
Thankfully, a senior female of the herd was close by, and she raced over to the water and led the distraught mother to the shallower end of the pool.
The two charged across the water to the baby, and helped guide it to the shallower part of the pool where it could get back on to its feet, and more importantly take in some air.
The trio then marched out of the pool back to the safety of dry land.
The video has been viewed and shared thousands of times online. Many commentators have praised the elephants for their quick reaction and caring nature.
A third elephant can also be seen in the video. It is not able to help as it is in another enclosure and blocked off by a fence.
However, it is clearly aware of the potential disaster that is unfolding nearby, and nervously paces back and forth watching until the danger is averted.
Take a look at the heroic rescue below.

Written by Andrew Moore