Great video from travel blogger advising the ‘Don’t Dos’ when visiting Ireland

Great video from travel blogger advising the ‘Don’t Dos’ when visiting Ireland

YouTube travel blogger Wolters World has created a video advising visitors of the ‘Don’ts’ when travelling to Ireland.

The experienced traveller spent some time in Dublin and put together the list of Don’ts so that visitors can be prepared for what to expect when they land on the Emerald Isle.

Great video from travel blogger advising the ‘Don’t Dos’ when visiting Ireland

Don’t think Ireland equals Dublin
The presenter of the Wolters World video explains that Ireland is a gorgeous country with countless attractions to be found outside of Dublin, such as the Cliffs of Moher and the Blarney Stone.

He also adds that visitors should not be too concerned by high cost of dining and touring around the capital, as the rest of the country is not quite so pricey.

Don’t think that it rains all the time
Yes, it is sunny in Ireland sometimes. The presenter does recommend wearing layers that can be taken off or put on according to the weather, because it is famously unpredictable.

Don’t think you are going to get out of Ireland without meeting some Irish people
The people in Ireland are super friendly and they will come and talk to you. They’re going to give you tips and advice on where to go, where to eat, what sights to see.

Don’t think Irish food is bad
The last 10 years has seen a revolution in Ireland in terms of food culture. Go and have the seafood chowder or the lamb, a full Irish breakfast, don’t think that it’s not going to be a culinary treat here.

Don’t forget that they drive on the left, and you have to look to the right
Also, when you are crossing the street, you need to look right!

Don’t think you are going to get an automatic car when you rent
If you want an automatic, you will pay a huge upcharge for this. Also, don’t freak out while you drive, the roads can be narrow, so it is OK to slow down.

Don’t mess around on the steps at the historic sites
The Rock of Cashel, the Blarney Stone… the medieval staircases are small, steep and circular, so claustrophobia may be an issue, and just be careful. There are also height restrictions at some sites to be aware of if you are travelling with children.

Don’t think you can have your kids in the pub after 9 o’clock
Most pubs have a strict policy that kids have to be out by 9pm. So, if you want to go out and eat food, and listen to music with your family then make sure you do it early.

Don’t skip out on the local brews
Yes, this is the home of Guinness, and Smithwick’s and Murphy’s. Drinking it here in Ireland, it’s like you are drinking a completely different beer because it is so fresh. You really will fall in love with Irish beers and stouts.

Don’t forget your limit when you’re drinking
The Guinness’s and Stouts and Reds are pretty strong beers. Do be smart with your drinking, don’t forget your limits, and of course, don’t drive if you have been drinking.

Don’t feel you have to tip at the pub
You pay for your beer and walk away; you can leave some coins if you want to but don’t feel you have to.

Don’t drink in public
You can be fined here so if you want to buy your own drinks then make sure you have a place to drink it inside, not in a park or an outdoor space.

Don’t forget to remember your manners
You will hear ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ and ‘sorry, sorry, sorry’ because the people in Ireland are pretty polite when you talk to them. Do make sure you remember your manners.

Don’t come here with sensitive ears
The Irish love to cuss, and it doesn’t matter if you’re a little kid or an old grandma you will hear cuss words. Don’t be prudish about it but a lot of the Irish do have a sailor’s mouth. Don’t be upset by it.

Don’t try to see all of Ireland in one go
Yes, it’s kind of a small island, but you cannot see it all in one trip. Pick a region and take the time to spend a few nights in each location to really go and see a lot of things.

Don’t pay too much to get here
It is really cheap to come to Ireland compared to anywhere else in Europe. Look for the deals to get here and use the money to see things when you get here.

Don’t call the Irish English or British
That is the one thing that will upset an Irishman.

Don’t forget your Euros and pounds if you are going to visiting the whole island
Northern Ireland uses pounds, so if you want to see Belfast or the Giant’s Causeway then you will need pounds. The Republic uses Euros but there are plenty of ATMs all around so you will not have an issue in taking cash out.

Don’t skip a chance to see a Gaelic sports match
He describes hurling as kind of like field hockey and UFC mixed together. The people have so much pride in their sports.

The presenter of the Wolter’s World video summarises that Ireland is a fantastic country with fantastic people and sights and recommends that anyone should consider taking a trip here.

Take a look at the video in full.

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