Incredibly skillful dog plays her owner at Jenga

Incredibly skillful dog can play Jenga

An incredibly talented dog has showcased her skills online as she plays the delicate block balancing game Jenga with her owner.

This has to be seen to be believed as the dog accurately follows the rules of the game by removing one of the blocks at a time without causing the tower to topple.

Incredibly skillful dog can play Jenga

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the game Jenga, it is very simple. The blocks are piled up on top of one another at the start of the game and each player must remove one block at a time without causing the entire structure to tumble.

It is a game that requires calm, logical thinking and most of all a steady hand, or in this case a steady jaw.

The dog is an Australian Shepherd named Secret and is owned by Mary from Washington.

Mary began teaching Secret how to play Jenga, and the pooch showed such a flair for the game that her skills had to be posted online.

The video has been shared across numerous social media sites and pages and everyone who sees it cannot quite believe their eyes.

Secret shows great concentration as she leans in towards the tower to identify which brick she wants to remove.

She then moves her head forward and grips the brick with her jaw, before slowly and gently pulling back to remove the brick without toppling the tower.

It is incredible. Anyone else struggle to get their childhood pet to retrieve a ball?

Take a look for yourself.

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