Bullies named and shamed in front of whole school

A group of bullies that forced their victim to kneel in the mud and drink filthy puddle water have finally had their comeuppance.

Bullies forced their victim to drink filthy puddle water
The incident took place in the town of Korkino in Russia. Olga Guseva, 16, Lyubov Goloborodko, 14, Sasha Rattsova, 15 and Ekatirina Streltsova, 15 began picking on Vlada Kholod, 13 because of her good looks.
Vlada Kholod
They accused her of insulting their parents and held a mock trial in which they unsurprisingly found her guilty.
Kholod was made to kneel in a muddy road and lean down and drink the filthy puddle water.
The bullies physically attacked her when she resisted, and the whole incident was recorded on a mobile phone. The bullies then posted the video online, with the message: “Nobody should curse somebody else’s parents.”
Olga Guseva - publicly humiliated for cowardly actions
Thankfully for Kholod, the horrific video was spotted by a member of staff at the school who brought it to the attention of the head.
The bullies were identified and forced to issue a public apology to Kholod. The rest of the school erupted in celebration when Kholod denounced her tormentors.
The bullies are now the ones humiliated after being named and shamed for their cowardly actions. Their victim was significantly younger than them, and they also outnumbered her by four to one. They are now being shunned by the rest of the students at their school.
Kholod’s has been praised for her bravery in standing up to the bullies and her classmates are continuing to rally round her.