Dr K finds a ‘genius’ pianist who never had a single music lesson

piano player Brendan Kavanagh finds a 'genius' pianist who never had a single music lesson

Talented piano player Brendan Kavanagh has released another great video online, this time with him performing an incredible medley alongside a ‘Ragtime Goddess’.

Kavanagh has long-been one of the greatest piano players on YouTube. He regularly delights his fans with incredible piano displays, usually performed on the public pianos in and around London.

This latest video is equally impressive. Kavanagh, also known as Dr K, often meets and performs with passersby as they are drawn in by his incredible skills.

On this occasion it was Maria, who Kavanagh describes as a ‘Ragtime Goddess’ in his video description. Maria is a Polish lady who is clearly a gifted pianist herself.

The pair squeezed onto the single piano stool together and claimed one half each of the instrument as they played in beautiful harmony.

As always, Kavanagh was happy to let his co-star take the limelight and encouraged Maria to play a piece to the gathering crowd herself.

However, she was enjoying being part of a duo, and insisted Kavanagh stay seated for another collaboration.

The pair played a medley of various songs, including the iconic theme song to the British football show Match of the Day. The performance also included renditions of Down By the Riverside and Amazing Grace.

All tunes were lifted by the incredible boogie woogie skills of Kavanagh, and the fantastic harmonies from the two players.

Towards the ends of the video, Dr K encourages Maria to play a piece on her own so that she could take the full admiration of the crowd.

When she had finished, Kavanagh asked a few questions to find out a little more about he mystery Maria.

She revealed that she had been in the UK for more than 30 years and had played the piano her whole life. She also added that she was not a professional musician but just an enthusiastic amateur. Maria said she had never had a single music lesson in her life, to which Kavanagh replied: “I think you’re a genius!”

Maria said that she played everything by ear, and similar to the way Kavanagh is able to transform any tune into a boogie woogie foot-tapper, she enjoyed switching songs to her own genre of choice – ragtime.

Take a look for yourself.

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