Want to live in Ireland?

Want to live in Ireland. Image copyright Ireland Calling

We asked our Facebook followers if they would like to move to Ireland and if so why?

The response was overwhelming with hundreds of you taking the time to post your comments. The overall reaction was a resounding yes – you would love to one day move to Ireland.

Want to live in Ireland. Image copyright Ireland Calling

The reasons varied, but most of the answers fell into one of the categories below. Thanks to all that took part in our survey. Below is a list of some of the top comments we received.

Because Ireland feels like home

This was a reason that came up several times. It is understandable really, as there are millions of people around the world who can claim Irish heritage.

The tragic circumstances and the injustice that forced a million Irish people to leave their homeland during the ‘Great Famine’ has left their descendants with a deep yearning to return to the land of their ancestors.

Thousands of people who have never before visited Ireland say that they feel a sense of belonging when they arrive. It is difficult to describe but people say that they just feel like they are ‘home’

Because Ireland is home

In contrast to the answer above, there are thousands of people scattered around the world today who are actually Irish by birth. Many have left Ireland in the past few decades for better job prospects and pay, as the Irish economy struggled with the global recession.

Thousands of skilled people, such as medical professionals, tradesmen, and entrepreneurs have left Ireland for better opportunities elsewhere, but still long for the comforts of home with their friends and family close by.

Despite where Irish people end up, they never forget their roots and always maintain a deep sense of patriotism for their country.

County Wicklow. Image copyright Ireland Calling

Because of the peaceful tranquility of Irish life

The serene beauty and calm of life in Ireland is a romantic idea that appeals to most of us trapped in the fast-paced life of a big city.

The idea that Ireland is all glorious countryside and stunning coastlines is not entirely true.

The big cities such as Dublin, Cork, Waterford and Belfast are amongst the most cosmopolitan in Europe, and could match the thrills and excitement of London, New York or any other major city.

However, the peaceful lifestyle of calm tranquility could be achieved in some of the more rural areas of the country, and it’s certainly easy to see the appeal.

Some of your comments about the Irish lifestyle include “the most beautiful country in the world” and “such a cute little village”.

Because of the cheaper cost of living in Ireland

This answer also came up more than once, and there’s no doubt about it, the money from a modest flat in central London or Boston could buy a large house and an acre of land in rural Ireland.

Certainly a major consideration to take into account, particularly for those coming towards the end of their working lives, and looking for the best place to enjoy their retirement.

However, some of us are still working our way towards financial security and would appreciate a little help along the way.

In reply to the question would you like to live in Ireland, one reader said: “Sounds great, send me a ticket!”

Another woman was proud of her Irish ancestry and hopeful that if she traced her family tree back far enough she could “lay claim to an Irish castle or two!”

St Patrick's Day celebration. Photo copyright Ireland Calling

Because of the warm, welcoming Irish people

Ireland is famous around the world for being one of the most friendly places to visit.

The warm-hearted nature of the locals mean that tourists from far and wide are welcomed with open arms and invited to enjoy a night down pub for a few pints and a sing-song.

One of our readers admitted that she “fell in love” with the city of Waterford when she visited Ireland, and “an Irishman too!”

No, because my family lives here

Our readers gave several reasons why they would like to move to Ireland but they only gave one reason against  – their families.

As much as they would like to return to the land of their birth and their forefathers, they would never do so because it would mean moving away from their children and loved ones in their adoptive country.

This, of course, is perfectly understandable because being close to the ones you love is the most important thing in life.

There is no point in moving to your dream home, if it leaves you miserable because you are miles away from your family.

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