The Madness from Within – Part Six

The Madness from Within is a RTÉ documentary about the Irish Civil War. It is titled after a quote from Richard Mulcahy. He was the Minister for Defence for the Irish Free State government during the War, and used the phrase to describe the extreme and violent nature of the conflict.Irish Civil War. The Madness from Within Part Six. Image copyright Ireland Calling
Part Six tries to draw conclusions from the after effects that the War had on Ireland, and how long it took for the country to get back on its feet.
Desmond Fitzgerald served in Ireland’s first government. His son is interviewed and reflects on the long term political impacts of the Civil War. As well as looking at the negative effects, he also finds some more positive effects that came from the War.
Former TD Brigid Hogan-O’Higgins also offers a fascinating insight into what Irish politics was like in the 1950s onwards. She was first elected in 1957, and recalls how there was a tangible bitterness between the opposing politicians who had once been enemies on the battlefield.



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