The Madness from Within – Part Four

The Irish Civil War was a conflict that divided the nation and pitted friends and even family against each other in battle.
In this RTÉ documentary, Bryan Dobson investigates causes and repercussions of the Civil War in Ireland. The documentary is named The Madness from Within, which is a phrase used by Richard Mulcahy to describe the conflict.Irish Civil War. The Madness from Within Part Four. Image copyright Ireland Calling
Part Four examines the executions of the IRA soldiers by the Free State government and questions whether or not they were necessary. The question is raised of how things would have been different had Michael Collins still been alive?
There are insightful interviews with members of both the pro-treaty and anti-treaty that allow greater understanding of the War.



Ogham, the mysterious language of the trees The Origins of the Ogham alphabet are still a mystery for many historians, but it is primarily thought to be an early form of the Irish written Language. Bealtaine Fire