Relatives of Easter Rising rebels

Relatives of Easter Rising rebels. Image copyright Ireland Calling

The 1916 Easter Rising was a seismic event in Irish history and changed Ireland forever…but what was it like for the families of those involved, especially for the families of those who lost their lives?
Relatives of Easter Rising rebels. Image copyright Ireland Calling
Ireland Calling has spoken to the relatives of some of the 1916 rebels to ask about the impact that their illustrious forebears have had on their own lives. We were also interested to hear their personal views about the Easter Rising and the actions of their close family members.
This series of interviews with the descendants of the Easter Rising rebels is made with the help of Dublin film maker Marcus Howard, who has filmed the relatives in their homes and at the some of the most famous locations of the Rising including Moore Street, where the rebellion effectively ended.
James Connolly – was one of the Easter Rising’s most prominent leaders and one of the seven men who signed the Proclamation of the Irish Republic. He was sentenced to death by firing squad after the Rising. His son Roddy Connolly also took part in the Rising. James’ grandson John Connolly talks about both his grandfather and his father Roddy Connolly
Arthur Greene – was a Sergeant Major with the Irish Volunteers during the Rising. His great grandnephew Marcus Howard is a film maker who has created several videos about the Easter Rising. Among the Easter Rising Stories series is a video about Marcus’ ancestor Arthur Greene. Find out more about Marcus Howard
Michael Mallin – was Commandant of the Irish Citizen Army during the Easter Rising. He had witnessed guerrilla warfare tactics when serving with the British Army in India. He put his knowledge to use when he and his troops seized St Stephen’s Green and the College of Surgeons. Here his son Fr Joseph Mallin discusses the role his father Michael played in the Rising and gives his views on the 2016 Easter Rising centenary commemorations.
Elizabeth O’Farrell – was one of a number of women to play a prominent role in the Easter Rising. O’Farrell was a nurse who tended to wounded rebels including James Connelly during the Rising. She was also asked to deliver the surrender notice from the leaders of the Rising to the British.O’Farrell’s great grandniece Donna Cooney talks about the role her great grand aunt played
Michael O’Hanrahan – was stationed at the Jacob’s Biscuit Factory during the Easter Rising and was 2nd in command to Thomas MacDonagh. O’Hanrahan’s grandnephew Pearse O’Hanrahan speaks about the role that Michael – and other family members – played in the Rising and the fight for Irish freedom.
The O’Rahilly – served as Director of Arms for the Irish Volunteers during the Easter Rising. He was also made Treasurer of the newly proclaimed Irish Republic by the Rising leaders when he arrived at the GPO. The O’Rahilly’s grandson Proinsias speaks about the Easter Rising and his grandfather’s life
Patrick Pearse – was one of the seven Easter Rising leaders. He read out the Proclamation of the Irish Republic on the steps of the GPO and was the first Irish President.
His great grandniece Robin Pearse Stetler speaks about the impact Patrick Pearse had on both Ireland and also her own life
Another of Perase’s relatives, Nina Manners, also spoke about the influence he had on the family.
Stephen Pollard – served in the British Army but deserted so he could take up the fight for Irish freedom. He was an Irish Volunteer took who part in the Easter Rising and fought at the Four Courts on Easter Monday 1916. His daughter Stephanie Dardis speaks about her father Stephen Pollard
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