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Irish heritage. Carragh Lake. Image copyright Ireland Calling

My mother was born in Youghal, Co Cork, in the late 70’s she took my brothers and myself back to her hometown to live, although we had been to Ireland before this was a different experience, as all 9 of my mothers siblings and their family’s stilled lived in town or very near by I had 57 first cousins to get to know, now they all have children of their own as well as grandchildren now! One of my mothers cousins son from New Zealand wrote a book on our family history.

Shamus J Murphy

Irish heritage. Carragh Lake. Image copyright Ireland Calling
I was born outside of Boston, Massachusetts and grew up in an Irish Catholic family. We would get together and sing songs from Eire and some oldies. While the elders drank to be merry, some of us young ones would dance a little jig for them! Back in the 1980’s, my Uncle traced our ancestry back to Dunmanway, Ireland. He found out that most of our male ancestors became Police Officers. My father was a Police Officer from 1973-1993. In 1999, I was sworn in and became the very first female Police Officer in my whole family history!! I am so proud to be Irish and carry on our heritage!

Charleen Crowley

My dad’s mom was an Irish lady. He loved her so. Never got to talk to her as I was so young when she died. Sure I would have love her so. Hard worker, loved her family and was loved by all, as she was kind and generous from what I heard. Wish I knew more about her.

Margaret Flannigan

Having followed my wife to America and now ready to go HOME! But alas her health will not allow us to return to Mallow. So it has been 15 tears (not a typo) since we have seen the forty shades of Green.

Dr Denis Callaghan

Pride – Bruce MacNeil
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I was raised with always having pride in my family name.  To me being Irish is about family. We may fight and argue with each other , but when it come to one of us  is in need we all gather around. I am full Irish from what I have been told, and my children seem to have taken thier Irish heritage to be the most pride in. I am proud to show my Irish heritage , even with all the jokes.

Dorothy Jane (McCullough) Bonham

The Wall family, mostly of Limerick, Cork, and Waterford, is one of the oldest families in the land. Originally de Valle, a Norse Viking family of the earliest settlers, the Wall family began its life in AMerica in 1635 and survives to this day. I am a 10th generation Irish Catholic and proud!

Karen Wall

I am very proud to say I’m Irish.  My great great grandfather emigrated to America from Ireland as a stowaway at the tender age of 13. Landing in Charleston SC, details of his experiences are not documented but I do know that at some point he married by great great grandmother. They walked from Virginia to Walhalla SC with all they owned, a cow, a horse pulling the wagon which held their meager belongings.  Having settled in Walhalla, my great grandfather was born and I’ve been able to trace these roots to my grandmother and grandfather, whose family farms were “next door” neighbors.  I would love to find my ancestors still living in Donegal, Inishowen Ireland.


I was born in Tipperary grew up in Kilkenny I left Ireland in 1960 to work in England as lots of girls did I haven’t been there since 1964 but am always proud of my heritage I am a red headed freckled stubborn Irishwoman having lived in Australia for 40 years I don’t see much chance of getting to Ireland again unless I win the lottery but with Google maps I keep up with the scenes of my childhood it is lovely to go on virtual tours of Kilkenny I am always proud of Ireland.

Peggy Rose

Everything – Hayes

Shamrocks. Image copyright Ireland Calling
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