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Irish heritage. Kilkenny. Image copyright Ireland Calling

My Great Grandfather came from Ireland in 1863. After finally learning more about my Irish heritage I have become so very proud of it. The Irish were and are a very resilient people with much wisdom derived from many generations of hardships overcome. I truly hope that I will be able to visit. One day before I die. I know the location of my great great granddad. I would live to see it and say a prayer.

Bruce Kelly

Irish heritage. Kilkenny. Image copyright Ireland Calling
I love that I have some Irish from my Mom’s Maiden name Blair side and some Scottish from my Grandma Ballards side. And then from my real Dads side I have some German in me. I really love listening to Celtic music and I am into the color green (it was purple but now that has been pushed into second). And before Celtic Thunder I never listened to Celtic music but now I do. And some day me and my Mom want to make a trip to Ireland.

Heidi Doran

My mom and dad came from a small town called Doneraile Co Cork in the 1950’s I am 1st generation American and I am vey proud of my heritage been over many time to CORK AND Kerry Limerick we learned how to play the button accordion and tinwhistle and stepdanced I met my Grandparents and loved the small towns know I belong to the ancient order of hibernians and learning how to speak Gaelic a forgotten langue but is fun to learn.

William O’Hanlon

My great grandmother, on my dad’s side of the family, would climb onto the top of an old wash tub, and dance a jig! There was fiddle playing on the front porch.

Lynn Brown

Pride in the accomplishments of my 4 grandparents. – Dick Reale
Shamrocks. Image copyright Ireland Calling
Well it is the birthplace my mothers maternal great grandparents .. One from Cork and one from Mayo we believe .. The Irish within has always been easy to accept . I am a many heritage person .. I have always enjoyed my Celt soul.

James E Pierce

My father’s family is Irish, but I have never found them. He was born in Indianapolis, Indiana in 1895, but his father left the family about 6 year’s later in Cincinnati. I would very much like to trace my Irish roots.

Rosemary Kelly Schatzman

The older I get the more I come to realize and appreciate my Irish heritage. When I was a little girl, the red hair, freckles and my last name were obvious signs but I did not know what it really meant. As I’ve come to learn about the sad history of Ireland and her people, my heart is ever more connected. Everything I learn about Irish culture makes me more proud and respectful of those Irish roots! Planning a trip to Ireland in 2015 – cannot wait!

Gail Brennan Leopold

Born American Irish, raised Irish… in a loving large family! Am so proud to come from strong, determined, stubborn, intelligent & loving ancestors!

June Lovejoy Livingston

Ah, born of Irish blood on both sides of my family… Land O’ the Green, She calls my heart, though, I’ve not stepped foot upon Her, yet. I am eager to drink and sing in a local (family) pub. I’m stubbornly keen to purchase an Irish lambs wool sweater, from being in Ireland. I want to hear the stories. I want to learn the language. I want to know about the land and people that I have roots with. (Blindly) With all my heart, I am *proud* of my Irish roots.

Jody Ochs Blackwell

Shamrocks. Image copyright Ireland Calling
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