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Quizzes on Ireland

Ten fiendishly fun Irish quizzes. Image copyright Ireland Calling
Are you one of the millions of people of Irish heritage around the world? How much do you really know about the land of your forefathers?
Have a go at some of the quizzes below to see if you can really call yourself Irish. Share this page with your friends to see who can claim the bragging rights when it comes to Irish wisdom and knowledge.

How much do you know about Ireland?

Celtic Symbols

Popular Irish slang words

Irish citizenship

Quiz on Irish dance

Quiz on characters from Irish history

Do you know your Irish landmarks?

Can you recognise these famous Irish faces?

How well do you know traditional Irish music?

Irish slang Quiz – Volume II

How well do you know Irish quotes?

Irish Christmas Quiz

Quiz about Maureen O’Hara

Irish History Quiz

Quiz on Ireland’s best-loved actors

Quiz on Irish superstitions

How much do you about Irish love stories?

Which city in Ireland Quiz

Quiz about the patron saint of Ireland, St Patrick

What’s your health personality?

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  1. What is the wind instrument that is low and soulful? I don’t think it’s the penny whistle because if sounds higher.

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