Irish pub for sale at bargain price, if you don’t mind the resident ghosts

Kitty McGreals, haunted pub for sale

A traditional Irish pub has been put up for sale with an asking price of €120,000.

Although the new owners may find that the whiskeys and gins behind the bar are not the only spirits in the building.

Kitty McGreals has long been the hub of the community in Kiltlimagh, Co Mayo. It was named after one of the three sisters who were the original owners; Kitty, Margaret and Bridie.

Kitty McGreals pub

According to the current owners, the ghosts of these sisters may still be present in the pub and watch over their former home.

Sellers Pete and Sandra say Kitty MGreals and its staff “offer a warm welcome to all and invite you to call in and experience Irish hospitality at its finest”.

However, they also joked that the creaks you may sometimes hear in the pub, are the McGreal sisters watching over.

Kitty McGreals pub

If sharing your home and business with spirits from the afterlife is not something that concerns you, then Kitty McGreals pub would be a great option if you are looking to invest in a new business.

The 100-year-old pub is located on Thomas Street in Kiltimagh, Co Mayo. It is 1500 sq ft in size, and the listing describes it as “refurbished in such a way as to retain all the former glory of a traditional Irish bar”.

Given the prices of homes and properties across Ireland at the moment, the €120,000 asking price may appeal to prospective buyers who are not too spooked by the ghostly stories associated with Kitty McGreals.

The pub is around 1500 square feet in size, and is described as “what a typical Irish pub is all about”.

Prior to the covid pandemic, there would be live music being played most weekend with the singers given licence to “do their own thing”.

It also features two blazing fires to cosy up beside and catch up with friends and family after a long day.

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Kitty McGreals pub