Susan Browne – Light Life Images

Susan Browne, Light Life Images, may be found along the Wild Atlantic Way somewhere, wandering around with tripod and camera bag, or perched on a cliff edge waiting for the ideal light!

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Susan lives in Ballyduff, North Kerry, with nearby beaches, Cashen estuary, the River Feale and Ballybunion close to hand to indulge her love of landscape photography. Susan also specialises in family portraits and prefers to take these out in nature where families can relax, play and be themselves.
You can view her range of ‘Kerryscapes’ on her Facebook page
Ardoughter Ballyduff sunrise by Susan Browne
Ardoughter Ballyduff sunrise
Ballybunion Virgin Rock by Susan Browne
Ballybunion Virgin Rock
Kilmore Ballyduff sunset by Susan Browne
Kilmore Ballyduff sunset
Meenogahane Causeway by Susan Browne
Meenogahane Causeway by Susan Browne

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