Part two – James Connolly’s role in the Easter Rising

Part two of a ten part documentary by TG4 on the 1916 Easter Rising
The second part of TG4’s documentary on the Easter Rising focuses largely on the role James Connolly played in the events.
Connolly was only briefly mentioned in the first video, but we learned that he was already a great socialist leader. It was thanks to his leadership qualities that Thomas Clarke and Seán Mac Diarmada invited him into the military council of the Irish Republican Brotherhood ahead of the Easter Rising.
James Connolly - Socialist who joined the Irish Republican Brotherhood and became an Easter Rising leader

Connolly spent his life fighting for better conditions for the working class

Part two tells us more about Connolly. Connolly was born in Edinburgh, Scotland to Irish parents. He grew up in an Irish ghetto of the Scottish capital. He dedicated his life to fighting for better conditions for the working class in Ireland and New York.
The video looks at how he became involved in various socialist movements that eventually led to him becoming one of the seven Easter Rising leaders.
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Part two of the documentary looks at the role of Joseph Plunkett in the Easter Rising.