Part three – Joseph Plunkett’s role in the Easter Rising

Part three of a ten part documentary by TG4 on the 1916 Easter Rising
In the third part of the TG4 documentary on the Easter Rising, the story of James Connolly reaches its sad and heroic conclusion.
Connolly had been badly injured during the Easter Rising but had been one of the last to leave following the rebels’ surrender. He was eventually taken to Dublin Castle where he was executed by the British.
Joseph Plunkett - Irish Republican Brotherhood leader and one of the key planners of the Easter Rising
The main content of the video looks at the life of another leader, Joseph Plunkett. Connolly had said that Plunkett had “more courage in his little finger than all the other leaders combined”.

Plunkett played hugely significant role despite being very ill during the Rising

Plunkett had suffered with TB his entire life and was very ill during the Rising. However, he was still a key member of the military council and played a hugely significant role in the events of that fateful week.
He was an intellectual who had a great love for learning as well as military strategy. He was a great asset to the Military Council of the Irish Republican Brotherhood.
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Parts four and five of the documentary look at the role of Thomas MacDonagh in the Easter Rising.