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Future Queen of England is descended from Irish High King

Kate Middleton - The future Queen of England is a relative of Irish High King Brian Boru

A member of the British Royal family can trace her family tree all the way back to Irish King Brian Boru, according to research by Tourism Ireland. Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton – wife of Prince William, England’s future king – has connections to Boru via the Lupton family of …

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Inspiring ‘This is IRELAND’ video will make you proud


‘This is IRELAND’ is an inspiring new video released to showcase all the country has to offer for people thinking about coming here to live, study and invest. The five-minute film was produced by Creative Ireland, which is a government scheme to highlight and celebrate the vast creative talents of …

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When our Irish-American cousins come to visit…

Comedy star Jen Hatton's new video sees her American cousin coming over to visit

People in Ireland and America have plenty of similarities – our shared love of music and the craic and a flair for storytelling being a few examples. However, nothing makes us more aware of the small differences between the two nations than when our American relatives come to visit.

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