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Former conjoined twins flourishing and set for school

Two little Irish twin brothers who underwent an operation to be separated after being born conjoined are now flourishing and preparing to start school next year. Four-year-old Hassan and Hussein Banhaffaf were left with one leg each following the operation which was a great success. They now use prosthetic legs …

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Top 10 facts about the Irish way of life

We smuggle sausages and we clap when the plane lands … just two of the findings from a survey by the insurance giant Irish Life. To celebrate its 75th anniversary, the company commissioned a survey of its customers to find out the everyday habits and views of the average Irish …

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Every Irish Wedding Ever – hilarious video from RTÉ

Every Irish wedding ever

Irish broadcasters RTÉ Republic of Comedy have produced a brilliant YouTube video that accurately captures the events that take place at ‘every Irish wedding ever’. Anyone who has ever been to an Irish wedding will describe a day in which several disasters and mishaps were narrowly avoided before the heart-warming …

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Origins of Halloween – the Hill of Ward

Samhain- forerunner of the modern Halloween

Archaeologists in Ireland believe they may have found the site of the first ever Halloween bonfire. The site is the Hill of Ward in Co Meath. The Hill of Ward is also known as the Hill of Tlachtga – named after a powerful druidess of Celtic mythology. Tlachtga is said …

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Irish tech firm stops Apple using iWatch name

An Irish company has stood in the way of Apple as the global technology giant prepares to launch its latest top of the range product – a smartwatch. Apple is one of the world’s most loved brands and over the last decade has brought us innovations such as the iMac, …

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Producers rewrite action scripts to suit Liam Neeson’s age

Irish action star Liam Neeson has revealed that movie producers will often have a script rewritten to accommodate his advancing age. Neeson, who is 62 years old, sees himself as an unlikely action star and recently said he was bewildered that he is offered such roles. However, he told German …

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