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Irish soccer fans conquer the world with song

Ireland has a new set of world champions – the incredible army of fans who support the national soccer team. Last night the fans stole the show as Ireland’s footballers took on the mighty Spain – winners of the World Cup and arguably the greatest team of all time. Ireland, …

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Ireland targets tourists with Irish heritage

The Irish Government is urging people to invite and entice friends and relatives around the world with Irish roots and connections to visit Ireland. They hope to attract an extra 325,000 tourists next year, a figure that would help in the country’s economic revival.

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Obama’s ‘Irish homestead’ goes public

Obama’s Irish homestead goes public

The home where US President Barack Obama’s Irish ancestors used to live has been opened to the public. The President visited the house in Moneygall, Co Offaly in May last year. His ancestors, Joseph and Phoebe Kearney and their son, Falmouth, had lived there in the 1850s before emigrating to …

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Chance find sheds new light on Irish settlers


A chance discovery has shown that hunter-gatherer tribes were living in Ireland hundreds of years earlier than was previously thought. In 2009, Elaine O’Malley from Co Clare was walking along Fanore Beach in the Burren area when she discovered a midden – a place where nomad hunters would cook their …

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Michael Collins’ Hair to be donated to Museum

A lock of hair from Irish revolutionary leader, Michael Collins, is to be donated to the National Museum of Ireland. The hair belonged to Collin’s sister until the 1950s, when she gave it to a friend. It is not known who owns the hair now but they have said that …

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