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Weatherman warns of extreme conditions for future Irish generations

An Irish weather forecaster has revealed that he fears for his children and grandchildren because of the world that this generation is leaving behind. Ger Fleming of RTÉ believes that climate change will hit Ireland hard for future generations. RTÉ show Science Squad predicted that Ireland would be hit with …

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More laughs from RTÉ in ‘Every Funeral Ever’ video

Every Funeral Ever. Hilarious vdeo from RTÉ

To follow up the hilarious Every Irish Wedding video, RTÉ’s Republic of Comedy have provided another comic look at the inside of Irish family occasions. This time it’s Every Funeral Ever, and the comedy team have again looked beneath the surface of the mournful events, and picked out the funnier …

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Video tour inside Dublin’s coolest new hotel

Take a look inside Dublin’s coolest new hotel. The Dean Hotel has teamed up with the Irish Times to produce a video tour from top to bottom of the cool new tourist spot, to show viewers what they can expect if they decide to stop in on their next trip …

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Watch Jimmy Fallon fill in for Bono

American chat-show host Jimmy Fallon stepped up to the plate this week after U2 had to cancel their appearance on the Tonight Show. The Irish rockers were due to make the first appearance of their week-long stay, but were forced to postpone after Bono suffered an injury to his hand …

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Hilarious video – What life was like in the 1980s

A video from Irish comedy group Republic of Telly has gone back in time to look at the things people used to say in the 1980s, that they would never say now. It was only 30 years ago, but it seems like several lifetimes away from the modern world of …

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Winston Churchill 'hoped for a united Ireland'

Former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill hoped for a united Ireland, according to a confidential report to the Secretary of the Department of External Affairs, Frederick Boland. The Irish Times report that while Churchill was not on good terms with Eamon de Valera due to Ireland’s neutral stance during the …

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