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Letter ‘cancelling’ Easter Rising manoeuvres on sale

Eoin MacNeill's letter cancelling Easter Rising manoeuvres will be sold at auction.

A letter from the commander for the Irish Volunteers, Eoin MacNeill, cancelling manoeuvres at the time of the Easter Rising has been discovered and is set to be auctioned in Dublin next month. MacNeill’s letter was a command to the Irish Volunteers to cancel a mobilisation which had been planned …

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China votes Ireland number one holiday destination

Ireland voted China's favourite holiday destination. Image Copyright - Ireland Calling

Ireland has been named the number one holiday destination by Chinese travel company Ctrip. Ctrip hold an annual awards ceremony in which various titles are handed out to the best destinations, airlines and resorts. This year, Ireland was voted the number one destination for Chinese holidaymakers, beating off competition from …

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Great Famine ‘should be taught’ in California schools

Imagine carrying your child - not knowing whether he's dead or alive. Famine statues, Dublin

An Irish American politician is campaigning for ‘The Great Famine’ to be a part of the US curriculum. Millions of Irish people were forced to leave their homeland in the mid-1800s, as a series of failed potato crops left them starving and unable to survive. Millions more stayed and died …

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Bones from our Stone Age ancestors found in Sligo

Bones from our Stone Age ancestors found in Sligo. Photo copyright GeographBot CC2

Human bones from 5,000 years ago have been discovered by archaeologists in a cave in County Sligo. The discovery was made by Thorsten Kahlert, during an investigation inside one of the caves, which experts currently know very little about. Kahlert, a graduate of the Institute of Technology (IT) Sligo, said: …

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Ryanair planning $10 flights to USA

Ten dollar Ryanair flights to America. Image Copyright - Ireland Calling

The boss of Irish airline Ryanair has revealed plans to offer flights from Europe to America for as little as $10 within a few years. The golden tickets will be offered on a first come first served basis, with only a limited number of seats on each flight subject to …

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Princess Diana’s ancestor was buried in Cork

Princess Diana's Irish connection

Researchers have found evidence proving a 100-year-old rumour that one of Princess Diana’s ancestors was buried in Cork. The discovery was made at the Corkbeg graveyard in Whitegate, where researchers unearthed plaques proving that Edmond Roche, 1st Baron of Fermoy, the great, great grandfather of Diana Spencer, was buried in …

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It IS possible to cross Dublin without passing a pub

James Joyce poser on Dublin pubs

A computer programmer has managed to solve a puzzle that has had Irish literature fans stumped for nearly 100 years. The question of how to cross Dublin without passing a pub was first posed by Leopold Bloom in the classic James Joyce novel Ulysses. Computer whiz Rory McCann has managed …

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