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Did You Know… Oliver Plunkett

St Oliver Plunket

In 1975, Oliver Plunkett was canonised as a saint. He was the first Irishman in over 700 years to receive the honour. He was made a patron saint for peace and reconciliation in Ireland in 1997. There were 17 more Irish martyrs beatified by Pope John Paul II in 1992. …

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Did You Know… Emerald Isle

‘Emerald Isle’ by William Drennan

The first person to refer to Ireland as the ‘Emerald Isle’ was William Drennan in 1795. Drennan was a doctor and poet from Belfast. He used the phrase in his poem, When Erin First Rose. Read the whole poem, ‘When Erin First Rose’ here. * * * The only town …

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Did You Know… Nobel Prize

Ireland has produced four writers who have been awarded a Nobel Prize for Literature – George Bernard Shaw, W. B. Yeats, Samuel Becket and Seamus Heaney. * * * The citizens of Ireland are outnumbered by the tourists. The country has a population of 3.8 million while over 5 million …

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Did you know… Glastonbury Abbey

Is St Patrick buried at Glastonbury Abbey, England? copyright Ireland Calling

According to legend, St Patrick may have been buried in England rather than Ireland. It is said that he may have moved to Glastonbury towards the end of his life and been buried there. The Chapel of St Patrick is part of Glastonbury Abbey. * * * Ireland became officially …

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Did you know… O’Connell Bridge

Did You Know graphic - copyright Ireland Calling

O’Connell Bridge in Dublin used to be made of rope and was only able to hold one person at a time. In 1801 it was replaced with a wooden bridge. In 1863, it was rebuilt again, this time using concrete. It was originally known as ‘Carlisle Bridge’. * * * …

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Meryl Streep invited to visit Irish relative

Meryl Streep invited to visit Irish relative. Photo copyright Andreas Tai CC3

Hollywood legend Meryl Streep has been invited to Ireland to stay with a long lost relative who has recently discovered their family connection. The discovery was made by genealogy company Eneclann. Eneclann were also the company that discovered that US President Barack Obama had Irish ancestry.

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English actor honoured at Corkman of the Year bash

Jeremy Irons photo Siebbi_CC3

English actor Jeremy Irons has been made an honorary Irishman. The Brideshead Revisited star has lived in Co Cork with his Irish wife Sinead Cusack for more than 15 years. Now the county has rewarded Irons, for his contributions to art and culture. It made him an honorary resident of …

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