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Breaking Bad star calls out to the ‘People of Ireland’

Irish fans of the hit TV series Breaking Bad were singled out as actor Bob Odenkirk, who played crooked lawyer Saul, sent a video message to the ‘People of Ireland’. Odenkirk is promoting the highly anticipated spin-off series ‘Better Call Saul’ which is a prequel to Breaking Bad and focuses …

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Americans fall in love with Irish sport of Hurling

American sports fans watching Hurling

We all know that the USA is a sports mad country. American athletes excel in several different sports on a global scale. They also enjoy many sports such as baseball and American football that most Europeans just don’t get. In fact many people in Ireland and the rest of Europe …

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Wow Air to introduce flights from Dublin to USA for €149

An Icelandic budget airline is set to start providing round trips from Ireland to America for less than €300 ($350) While Irish airline Ryanair recently revealed they planned to start flying to the states in five years’ time, the Icelandic firm Wow Air has beaten them to it. Wow Air …

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Irish pub coming to a party near you?

The Irish pub is regularly named as something that tourists most look forward to checking out when visiting Ireland. It is so popular that it has created a world-wide industry with ‘Irish pubs’ in almost every major city in the world. Wouldn’t it be great if there was one on …

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