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What a beauty! World’s first luxury yacht for women

How about this for your next girly getaway then ladies? An 80m super-yacht fitted out with extravagant interiors and lavish luxuries, and all designed for the tastes of women. Well Monaco-based designer Lidia Bersani has created exactly that – La Belle, a luxury boat designed with female interests in mind.

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Is Guinness as Irish as we thought – the Indian connection!

A freshly poured pint of Guinness is one of the most iconic images that people around the world associate with Ireland. There is nothing more Irish than Guinness right? Well maybe there is, as researchers have revealed that the yeast that goes into making the famous Irish stout could actually …

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Singing Irish barman is an internet sensation

Video of singing Irish barman

A video of an Irish music loving barman has gone viral as people have across the world have become enchanted by his easy going style and great singing voice. John Horgan, of the Crossroads Bar in Knockavilla, Co Cork was flimed by customer Tony Sheehan as he was working behind …

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Why we ‘must not be ashamed to celebrate 1916 Easter Rising’

Ireland should celebrate Easter Rising centenary

Ministers debating how to mark the centenary of the 1916 Easter Rising have been told by a leading professor that it should be a ‘shameless celebration’. The comments from a prominent Irish historian followed concerns that a full celebration of the Rising could be divisive in some communities in Ireland. …

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Discover your poorest Irish ancestors in new records

fingmypast - Irish poverty relief records

Mary McKee, Findmypast The recently released Irish Poverty Relief Loans, 1821-1874 on Findmypast are a fascinating source for those building their Irish family tree. They record the names of over 600,000 people in rural Ireland, before during and after The Great Famine. Geographically, the records mainly cover the counties on …

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