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Irish actress bullied for being ginger

Jasmine Brady bullied for red hair

Irish actress Jasmine Brady has revealed that she used to be bullied at school because she has natural ginger hair. The teenage star plays a bully in the soap Fair City and says that her own experience of being bullied as a youngster helped her to develop her character.

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Happy Valentine’s Day to all

St Valentine's day. Image copyright Ireland Calling

Happy Valentine’s Day to all our readers. Have a great day and make sure you take the time to tell the special person in your life how much they mean to you. Valentine’s Day is a time for celebration now but it has gruesome origin. The tradition born with the …

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Your memory isn’t failing… you just know a lot more

People's brains store more information as they get older

New research has led scientist to believe that when elderly people’s brains seem to slow down it is due to the huge amount of information they have amassed rather than a sign of deterioration. A team of doctors at Tübingen University in Germany have said that a human brain is …

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Father hands son to police after Facebook drugs post

Picture taken from Facebook.

A Belfast teenager was dragged to the local police station by his father after posting a picture of drink and drugs on his Facebook page. Joe McCool was so angry with his son Rian that he took the drastic action. The 18-year-old was arrested on suspicion of being in possession …

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Parents unite to end NekNomination craze

Say No to NekNomination. Image Copyright Ireland Calling.

Parents across the world have called for an end to the NekNomination craze which has led to the deaths of several young people. The craze involves teenagers and young adults filming themselves drinking huge amounts of alcohol, posting the video online and then nominating someone else to better it. Last …

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Mother shames son to save him from NekNomination

picture from Nikki Hunter

A desperate mother was so worried that the NekNomination craze might kill her son that she posted a picture of him on Facebook, unconscious and covered in his own vomit. Nikki Hunter said she wanted to warn both him and others about the dangers. Neknomination involves young people challenging each …

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Did the Irish reach America before Columbus?

Irish reached America before Columbus. Image copyright Ireland Calling

While Christopher Columbus is credited with being the first European to discover America, there are many scholars who believe there may have already been Irish people living there. A book that was published in 1526, just 34 years after Columbus arrived in America, provides compelling evidence that this may be …

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