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Thousands of Irish care home children in secret drug trials

The Catholic Church and religious run Irish care homes have been engulfed in further controversy after startling reports that thousands of Irish children were used as guinea pigs in secret drugs trials in the 1930s. The report author says there is no evidence that consent was ever sought. Nor is …

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Sinn Féin warn of more infant mass graves

The Deputy leader of Sinn Féin has warned that there may be many more mass graves similar to the one discovered on the site of a former mother and baby home in Tuam, Co Galway. Mary Lou MacDonald called for a public inquiry into mother and baby homes after the …

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Minister calls for inquiry into mass grave in Co Galway

The Catholic Church is considering whether to erect a memorial at a recently discovered mass grave of almost 800 children. The Irish government could also launch an inquiry to determine the truth behind the burial site. The mass grave in Tuam in Galway is on a site that used to …

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Breakthrough in global study on cure for skin cancer

Breakthrough in possible cure for skin cancer

Irish doctors are working as part of a worldwide medical team that believe testing on two new drugs has shown encouraging signs that a ‘cure for cancer could be within reach’. Two hospitals in Dublin, plus one in Cork and one in Galway are taking part in a global trial …

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Giant shark filmed in Cork harbour

A giant basking shark has been filmed swimming in Cork harbour by a quick-thinking adventurer and his drone helicopter camera. The footage was recorded by Andrew O’Riordan, who works for Cork marine adventure firm, Ocean Escapes. He was told there had been a shark spotted in the harbour on Thursday, …

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Game of Thrones star pays tribute to ‘lucky Ireland’

Iain Glen, star of American hit series Game of Thrones, has revealed Ireland has been a lucky location for him during his acting career. Glen, who plays Ser Jorah Mormont in the medieval fantasy drama, was speaking to What’s On magazine and said that most of his successful acting roles …

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