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Niall Horan explains Irish slang for Americans

Niall Horan

Former One Direction star Niall Horan has explained several examples of Irish slang including ‘flute and ‘oul wan’ for an American audience. The Irish singer gave the explanations as part of an interview with Vanity Fair magazine.

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Fascinating video about the Black Irish of Montserrat

Fascinating video - The Black Irish of Montserrat. Descendents of Irish people exiled to the Caribbean still speak with Irish accents.

A report on the Black Irish of Montserrat looks into the lives of the descendants of Irish people who were exiled from their land by Oliver Cromwell. The report comes from the RTÉ and TG4 documentary series ‘Radharc’ and was filmed in 1976. While the film is now very old, …

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John Cleese faces backlash for criticism of Irish language

John Cleese faces backlash for criticism of Irish language. Photo copyright Paul Boxley CC2

Comedy legend John Cleese has created a stir amongst Irish language speakers after he criticised its use of letters online. The Monty Python star tweeted: “I love your use of words! But, seriously, if an Irish ‘bh’ is a ‘v’ sound, why don’t you write it with a ‘v’?”

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