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The seven things that Ireland is famous for around the world


There are millions of people around the world that have Irish family history, even if they themselves have never set foot on the Emerald Isle.

However, with television, film, music and nowadays social media, everybody has an impression of what they think Ireland is like, and for what the county is most famous.

Hollywood star Michael Fassbender teaches acting class at his old school in Kerry


Hollywood star Michael Fassbender has gone back to school for a drama lesson – as a teacher at his own secondary school in Co Kerry that is.

The X Men star delighted pupils at Killarney’s St Brendan’s College when he showed up to teach an acting class.

Nolan Sisters say they are still hopeful of meeting their long-lost sibling


The Nolan Sisters have revealed that they are still hoping to meet their long-lost half-sister who they only found out about when they were in their 20s.

The stars’ father had an extramarital affair in 1952 and his partner had given birth to a baby girl.

Café challenges woman who sat and ate her own food from home


A dispute between an Irish café and one of its customers has caught the attention of social media with people divided on who was in the right.

Dukes is a family-run coffee shop in Cork. They recently had a customer who arrived with her own scrambled eggs bagel wrapped in tinfoil and ordered only a cup of boiling water and some porridge.

Judge criticised for ‘stupid Irishness’ comment to misbehaving drunk man


An Australian judge told a man to ‘take his stupid Irishness elsewhere’ after he was arrested for being drunk and aggressive while celebrating his birthday.

The man has not been named, but it is reported that he became physically and verbally aggressive towards fellow patrons at Paddy’s Shenanigans Irish Bar in Queensland.

Derry Girls writer hopes there may still be a movie in the future


Derry Girls creator Lisa McGee has hinted that the third series of the show may not be the last we see of the teenagers as there may also be a film on the horizon.

The popular comedy centres around the lives of the group of close-knit friends growing up in Derry during the Troubles in the 1990s.

James Bond star divides opinion with two interviews either side of Irish Sea


Fans of Graham Norton were left a little confused after he struggled to tease any interesting stories or gossip out of his latest guests.

Chat king Norton has hosted his own show on BBC for nearly two decades and he is renowned for making his guests feel comfortable and encouraging the jokes and chemistry on screen.

Comedy stars tease fans with photos taken somewhere in Ireland


The cast of hit comedy It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia have teased fans with a series of posts from Ireland leading to a guessing game of where they are in the country.

The stars have travelled over to Ireland to shoot an episode for the much-anticipated 15th series of the show.

Huge €3m tuna caught off Cork coast, but fishermen released it back into the sea


A team of Irish fishermen caught a monster 600lb bluefin tuna off the coast of Cork.

The giant fish had an estimated value of an eye-watering €3m, although the men will not see a penny as they released the beast back into the ocean.

Graham Norton was considering retiring before covid lockdown renewed his passion for work


Irish chat show star Graham Norton has revealed that he was considering retiring – until the covid pandemic hit and made him change his mind.

Rather than look to wind down, he started to see his work as something to treasure.

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