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Great video of laughing Irish dad will have you in stitches


A wonderful video of an Irishman falling into an uncontrollable fit of laughter is just the tonic you need to fend off those January blues.

Vincent McDonnell of Co Mayo was recording a video message for his son David who lives in Australia.

Irish star Nicola Coughlan takes us on a tour of her hometown of Galway in Netflix special


Derry Girls star Nicola Coughlan has paid a glowing tribute to the beautiful city of Galway in her new Netflix special.

Coughlan is fast becoming one of Ireland’s most loved actresses thanks to her starring roles in critically acclaimed series such as Derry Girls and Bridgerton.

Sweet-toothed Joe Biden praised by his young Irish cousins in County Mayo


Well, it wouldn’t be an American presidential election if at least one of the candidates didn’t highlight his Irish heritage.

It couldn’t be Donald Trump because he’s strictly German-Scottish, although he does own a golf course in Ireland.

Free glass of whiskey to customers across America from Bushmills


Irish whiskey lovers in America are in for a treat as one of the top whiskey makers in Ireland have a New Year gift in store.

Bushmills announced their ‘First Whiskey of 2021’ initiative which will see customers in the USA receive a free glass of whiskey in their local pubs.

Former gambling addict describes softer side of Irish hard man Roy Keane


Irish footballer Roy Keane developed a fearsome reputation as the hard tackling captain of Manchester United.

It’s an image that has lived on now that he’s a TV pundit, with the unfortunate targets of his scathing match analysis wincing almost as much as they did when they faced Keane on the pitch.

Why the Guinness harp faces the opposite way to the official Irish harp


With the harp being such a hardworking emblem for Ireland, you might think the powers that be could at least agree on which way round it should appear.

Sadly, it’s not that simple.

Hilarious Mariah Carey Christmas spoof

Northern Irish make-up artist Jordan Humphries has become an online star after her spoof video of Mariah Carey’s classic All I Want For Christmas went viral.

Jordan altered the lyrics to make the song more relevant to her, and instead of just wanting her loved one for Christmas, all she wants is food!

Irish accent voted ‘most attractive’ in media poll


The Irish accent has been voted the most attractive by people living in Britain and Ireland.

It’s good news but it begs the question, which ‘Irish accent’ seeing as the soft tones of rural Kerry and Cork are a million miles away from the harsher sounds of say, inner city Dublin.Liam Neeson

Christmas rows continue over ‘offensive’ Pogues classic Fairytale of New York


Rows over offensive words in Fairytale of New York have become something a Christmas tradition alongside turkey and stuffing. Each year brings fresh controversy.

Opinion is always mixed and even different BBC radio stations can’t agree among themselves, with some deciding to only play a censored version, others using bleeps to cover certain words and others content to play the original.

A British DJ refused to play the Pogues’ Christmas classic after claiming it is a ‘nasty song’.

Alex Dyke of BBC Radio Solent objects to the language the characters in the song use towards each other.

Star baker Nadiya rises to challenge of dealing with panic attacks


Star baker Nadiya Hussain has an unusual method of managing panic attacks. “When I was on Bake Off, I used to have an elastic band around my wrist and used it for shock therapy, where you ping the elastic band which reminds you of where you are and that you’ll be fine.