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Hypnotised Irishman ‘gives birth to baby girl’

Hypnotised Irishman 'gives birth to a baby girl' on stage at charity event

In many a ‘battle-of-the-sexes’ debate around the world, women always have a trump card to play – their high pain threshold. The proof is in the pudding, after all it is women who go through the pain of childbirth. While men can also experience pain in particularly sensitive areas that …

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Flash mob of Irish dancers stun Portugal

Flashmob of Irish dancers stun Portugal

The people of Lisbon were given an unexpected treat in 2016, when the town centre was transformed into a stage by a flash mob of Irish dancers. It looked like just another normal day on Padrão dos Descobrimentos, a picturesque square in the middle of Lisbon and a popular tourist …

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