Ogham alphabet named after Irish words for trees

Ogham alphabet with meanings. Image copyright Ireland Calling

The Ogham alphabet consists of 20 characters each named after the Gaelic word for a certain tree.

These are divided into four groups called aicme.

A fifth aicme known as the forfeda was added for use in manuscripts.

These letters would be carved into stones, sticks or trees vertically reading bottom to top or written in manuscripts horizontally from left to right.

Fáilte – Welcome in Ogham.

Failte - Welcome in Ogham. Image copyright Ireland Calling

The Ogham letters are written along a solid line either vertically or horizontally.
A piece of text is started with a feather shape called an eite and ends with a reverse feather known as an eite thuathail.
Small gaps are left between letters and larger spaces between words much the same as the Latin alphabet.

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