Save Moore Street campaigners to stage ‘historic meeting’ with TDs

Save Moore Street campaigners set to have ‘historic meeting’ with TDs outside Dáil Gate

The campaigners working to save the historic Moore Street – scene of the final battlefield of the Easter Rising – are to hold a meeting of supporters outside the Dáil.

The meeting will take place outside Dáil Gate tomorrow (Tuesday December 15) at noon. It has been described as a ‘historic day’ by a descendent of one of the men who took part in the Easter Rising.
While the houses that were used as headquarters by the rebels have been saved – with plans to restore them and turn them into a commemorative centre – the street is still under threat from developers who wish demolish it and build a shopping centre.
Save Moore Street campaigners set to have ‘historic meeting’ with TDs outside Dáil Gate
A campaign was recently announced that would see supporters purchase bonds for €100 each. The aim of the campaign is to raise €10m, which would be enough to save the street from the developers.
TDs and senators who have already purchased bonds will be presented with them at the meeting at Dáil Gate on Tues December 15th.
Proinsias O’Rathaille, grandson of The O’Rahilly said: “This will be a historic day and as we approach the Centenary we’ll show those in Government that the 1916 Relatives are raging and deeply upset at the plans to demolish the other buildings! Over my dead body!”
The importance to Irish history of the Easter Rising – and the sites at which the events unfolded – cannot be overestimated.
O’Rathaille said: “It’s a scandal that Descendants of the Leaders and Relatives have to purchase back the very battlefield where this Republic was born. But as the Government are now uninterested, apart from purchasing the four houses, and now plan to demolish the others, it is a disgrace to the memory of our Golden Generation!”
O’Rathaille said that he would personally sign the first 100 bonds sold.
In a letter to supporters campaign organiser Frank Allen also spoke of the importance of preserving Moore Street.
He said that people of Irish origin around the world were mortified that the street could be under threat.
He said: “The diaspora are enraged at this threatened desecration and our Bonds Scheme is advertised in media all over America, Australia, Canada and Britain.”
Allen also reiterated how important the whole of Moore street was. He said: “The whole Terrace is of great historical significance from No.10 where all of the Volunteers entered, including Patrick Pearse, Michael Collins, Tom Clarke etc. and of course where the seriously wounded James Connolly was pushed through the wall on a makeshift stretcher right through to 24, 25, 26 where the great O’Rahilly, riddled with bullets wrote his last poignant letter to his wife Nancy.”
Moore Street was the scene of the final battlefield of the Easter Rising before the rebels were forced to surrender.
To buy bonds to help save Moore street visit the 1916 Centenary Bond Committee website.
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