VIDEO Passenger breaks through security and crosses runway to board Irish plane

Passenger chases plane across runway

The moment a passenger broke through security and ran across the runway to board a Ryanair flight has been captured on video.
It’s prompted questions about airport safety and what might have happened if a terrorist had managed to get through in the same way.
Passenger chases plane across runway
The incident happened at Madrid airport. It’s thought the passenger, who hasn’t been named, arrived late but wasn’t prepared to miss his flight back to Belfast. Instead, he somehow managed to get through security and jump about 10 feet down on to the apron area.
He then tried to get into a nearby transport vehicle before giving up and starting to run towards the plane as it waited to take off on the runway. At one point, he appears to wave as if trying to attract the pilot’s attention and get him to wait.
He was stopped by two airport staff before getting to the plane. A Ryanair spokesman said: “Since this video relates to a security breach at Madrid Airport, it’s a matter for Madrid Airport Police.”
It’s unclear what happened to the man after he was stopped, but it’s thought he was questioned by Spanish police and may face charges.