Irish fans stop Bordeaux traffic for Euro 2016 festivities ahead of Belgium game

Irish fans have stopped traffic in Bordeaux as thousands pour in to the wine capital of the world for Euro 2016.
The boys in green have congregated at The Connemara Irish Pub in the picturesque French city ahead of the Republic’s match against Belgium on Saturday.


Street football kicked off on the busy road outside the pub named after the scenic County Galway region.
French police appeared to be confiscating balls as they flew through the air while traffic tried to avoid the festivities.
But after a chant of “Allez les bleus” and “Shut the road for the boys in green”, police allowed fans to fill the street outside the packed pub where they continued to sing and dance.
Officers redirected the traffic and one policeman picked up a ball and threw it into the crowd, much to the fans’ delight.
Police monitored the crowd as fans continued to play football.
The Connemara Irish Pub had to stop serving drinks due to its system being overworked.
Plastic beakers were placed over the pumps and staff said they hoped to start serving again when the system cooled down – or else fans would have to settle for warm beer.