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Heroic Irish five-year-old girl saves her mammy’s life

A surgeon has hailed a five-year-old Irish girl as a hero after her quick thinking saved her mother’s life.

Priya Gavin’s mammy Mary Constant suffered a stroke two days before Christmas last year and the youngster was horrified to see her collapse to the floor.

Despite the traumatic situation, Priya remained cool-headed enough to look for help.

Heroic Cork girl Priya Gavin saves her mammy's life

She immediately FaceTimed her father Damien Galvin, who was on his way to work.

Damien was then able to alert Mary’s sister and her husband who rushed to Mary’s aid.

Thankfully, Mary was seen to in time, and the Cork family have their young daughter to thank for the fact they are still safely together.

Damien spoke about the terrifying incident on Cork’s RedFM.

He said: “I saw her name on the phone and just decided to pick up which I don’t usually do but I just had a feeling for some strange reason that I needed to answer the call.

“She was crying and said that mammy was drinking her tea and now she was on the floor and can’t get up. I asked her what she meant and she just kept saying that mammy was on the floor and couldn’t get up.”

“She turned the camera around so I could see her and that was when I could see that Mary was on the floor in the kitchen and she looked very distressed.”

Mary and Damien are engaged and Damien called his future in-laws in the hope they would be able to get there in time.

Mary’s sister rushed over and called an ambulance – but not before further help from Priya.

Damien continued the story: “They tried to get in through the back door but it’s a new house so they couldn’t get through the double sliding doors and on the inside there is a latch. Her dad was ready to break down the door but then Priya was able to open the latch and let them in.

“An ambulance came within about 40 minutes and Mary was seen to within seconds when she got there and she had a scan and that is when we found out that she had a stroke. A clot had travelled to the left side of her brain and that side had completely shut down.

“It happened on the Monday and on the Tuesday I met Mary’s surgeon when I was on my way up to her and I thanked him for what he had done and he said there is no need to thank me for a job that I do every day, you have a little five year old girl who is the real hero.

“The surgeon told us that with a stroke time is precious and that without Priya, Mary wouldn’t be here today. She doesn’t even know it yet but she is an absolute hero.

“Priya wouldn’t have known that Mary was having a stroke, she just knew that her mam was distressed and that she couldn’t get up.

“Mary knew what Priya was doing but she just couldn’t do anything, she couldn’t get off the ground. She couldn’t physically move.”

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