Nearly half of young Irish adults live with their parents

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Nearly half of people in Ireland aged between 25-29 still live with their parents, according to a recent study.

The figures come from a report by the European Union body Eurofound and is titled ‘Household composition and well-being’.

The researchers monitored housing data between 2007 and 2017.

unhappy young man

They found that the number of young adults in Ireland that had either stayed at their family home, or returned after some time away, was higher that he rest of the EU.

In Ireland there was an 11% increase in young adults living at home – compared to an EU average of 2%.

Just over 47% of Irish 25-29-year-olds were living at home with their parents.

The report said: “Many young adults had to move back to the parental home after the recession, which is why they were referred to as the ‘boomerang generation’.

“This happened because young people just entering the labour market were often the first ones to lose their jobs as redundancies were introduced.”

The other 53% of Irish people in that age group were found to have a higher sense of well being, which was measured by considering factors such as ‘Life satisfaction’, ‘happiness’ and ‘Feeling of Autonomy’.

The report continued: “It seems likely that the differences between the well-being of young adults in different households depends on whether this is a choice.”

Sinn Féin Housing Spokesperson said: “There are solutions. The next government must commit to ambitious targets and the required funding in order to roll out affordable cost rental.

“This has been government policy since 2014, yet not one affordable cost rental home has been delivered. There are 50 under construction in Dublin but at €1,200 per month these are not affordable.

“We need affordable cost rental homes to rent in Dublin at between €700 and €900 per month and lower in areas outside the Capital.

“People can’t wait any longer. The policy is there, the sites are there, we just need a commitment from all parties that the funding and plan will be a priority as part of a government for change.”

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