Farmers, fishermen and forestry staff have longest working weeks

Ireland’s hardest workers are farmers, fishermen and forestry staff.
According to the Central Statistics Office (CSO) anyone working in these sectors can expect to clock the longest days and rack up an average of 49.1 hours a week.


Its review of employment data for the last six years also showed the average working week is 35.8 hours.
Among those who run up the lowest numbers for a five-day working week are teachers and others in the education sector who clock up an average of 29.4 hours.
Sales and customer service staff also run up low weekly averages of 29.9 hours.
The CSO said t he country’s 325,500 self-employed workers also ranked high on the longest days with an average working week of 44 hours while managers, directors and senior officials clocked up 43 hours a week.
Its six-year review of data from the Quarterly National Household Survey also showed j ob creation has been growing steadily in Ireland for the last four years with 1,976,500 people now employed.
The number of people in work increased by 46,900 or 2.4% over the 12 months to the end of March 2016 and that annual employment growth was around the 40,000 mark in both 2014 and 2015.
The review also revealed that almost one third of the country’s 456,200 part-time workers claimed they could not find full-time work.