Double trouble for twin sisters at Euro 2016

Irish twin sisters have joked about being outnumbered among the boys in green at Euro 2016 where a perk is not having to queue for the toilet.
Emma and Kathryn McLoughlin, 22, from Glasnevin in Dublin, have travelled to France with four male friends for the football extravaganza.


The pair are in wine capital Bordeaux where the Republic lost 3-0 to Belgium at the Stade de Bordeaux on Saturday afternoon.
They said their mother was “terrified” when they told her they were going and she has been sending them daily text messages to check they are okay.
Emma told the Press Association: “We follow it at home and a lot of people were up for it so we thought we’d make the trip.”
On the lack of women at the tournament, she said: “We’re outnumbered very heavily but I don’t mind too much. No queues for the ladies!”
Emma said she knew a lot of Irish fans would be in France but is shocked there are so many.
“I’m delighted I made the trip,” she said.
Her sister Kathryn said: “We didn’t know if we were going to make it or not. It’s great craic, like. “Everyone does a double take when they see us. They’re like, ‘oh, a woman!'”
The vast majority of football fans in France for the tournament are men, with the streets in host towns and cities packed with groups of male friends.
“Our mother was terrified,” Kathryn said, adding that they receive frequent texts asking: “What are you doing now?”