Donald Trump cancels planned visit to Doonbeg golf resort

Donald Trump has cancelled a planned stop-off in Ireland at one of his golf resorts.
After opening his revamped Turnberry resort in Scotland, handlers for the US presidential hopeful revealed Mr Trump had been unable to schedule a flying visit to Doonbeg, Co Clare, before heading home.


“Definitely not,” a spokeswoman said.
The billionaire challenger for the US presidency announced to great fanfare earlier in the month that he would fly into the renowned Irish links as he awaits a decision on plans to build a 2.8km sea defence beside the course.
Mr Trump’s visit had been expected to clash with the latest leg of US vice-president Joe Biden’s six-day trip to Ireland, an uncomfortable coincidence for the governments in Dublin and Washington.
Protests had also been planned for his arrival, including by leading left wing and green politicians along with other campaigners.
The tycoon bought Doonbeg for about 15 million euro and visited in 2014 before drawing up plans to build a wall to protect his prized investment from Atlantic storms.
The defence or revetment would be made up of 200,000 tonnes of boulders on a 2.8km stretch of Doughmore beach, an environmentally sensitive stretch of coast which is home to a prehistoric, microscopic snail.
There is also a right of way for surfers through the course, some of whom fear the structure would destroy the natural wave breaks.
A decision on the sea wall is due next month, which could make or break Mr Trump’s plans to safeguard the links from increasingly intense winter weather and his hopes of making a return on his investment.